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smFRET Package

Our software package for smFRET and example smFRET data are available for download on GitHub.


Our code treats single-molecule time-binned FRET trajectories as hidden Markov processes, allowing one to determine the most likely FRET-value distributions of states and their interconversion rates based on probability alone. Source code available upon request.

HaMMy is available for download on GitHub.



Scale drawings of parts for Prism-type TIRF microscopy

Drawing of a brass objective heater

Drawing of prism extender

Drawing of prism holder

Drawing of prism holder from side

Drawing of prism holder with new spies

Drawing of prism slide holder

Drawing of stage

Drawing of stage with holes

PEG Protocol and Movie

PEG protocol as of September 2005

PEG protocol

PEG protocol overview

PEG movie (part 1)

PEG movie (part 2)

From Supplementary Information found in Rahul Roy, Sungchul Hohng, Taekjip Ha. “A practical guide to single-molecule FRET” Nature Methods (2008)


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